macOS Mojave: These features hid Apple

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In contrast to last year, Apple spent this year much more time to introduce macOS Mojave in detail at the WWDC Despite the generous window of opportunity was not enough time to cover all the new features of the Mac operating system in addition to the great new features, there will be many small changes in Mojave of the “minor” innovations for you.

The Favicons come

The Safari tabs will be favicons from iOS 12 as well as from macOS Mojave. Specifically, this means that the tabs no longer just display the page titles, but also adorn the icon of the site. This will help you better map the tab. Especially when many websites are open and titles repeat themselves at least at the beginning, the small feature can be extremely useful.

System updates no longer available on the Mac App Store

Apple postpones the system update again from the Mac app Store in the system settings. There you were already earlier. At the same time, the company is introducing a practical function with macOS Mojave, which should make your life easier. In the settings menu, you can enable your Mac to always be kept up-to-date automatically.

New Lock Screen

Admittedly, there is less to talk about innovation than about change. The lock screen was adjusted slightly. He now shines with larger pictures and larger text.

New accent colors for macOS

The Californian company will not only introduce the overdue dark fashion with macOS Mojave, but also allows for more individual color settings. In the system settings, additional color accents can be set from the update, which affect different parts of the user interface.

Update for the DVD player

No current Apple product offers an integrated CD or CD DVD drive more. Nevertheless, Apple will consider Mojave’s DVD player app with an update. It has already been optimized for 64-bit in the beta and has received a new icon as well as support for the touch bar of the new MacBook Pro.

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