macOS: Web pages as screensavers – Here’s how it works

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How to Set a Website as a Mac Screen Saver

There is a small but nice application that lets you specify any web address or web page as the new screen saver for your Mac. The installation is very easy and quick to explain:

First download the application “WebViewScreenSaver 2.0” from GitHub. Then double-click the downloaded zip file to unzip it and then open the new application. You will be redirected to the system settings and asked if you want to install “WebViewScreenSaver” now. Now click on “Install”.

The desktop and screen saver settings will then automatically open. At the bottom of the screensaver you will find “WebViewScreenSaver”. Click on it and then select “Screen Saver Options” on the right.

You will now be presented with a small window where you can specify different web pages and the length of the display before switching. Click on the displayed address to change it. For example, enter “”. Once you have finished your input and made your settings, click on “Close”. Now click on the black box above the screensaver options to see the preview of your new Mac screensaver.

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