Macs and iPhones Popular among Employees in Business

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According to survey results, 52 percent of companies allow their employees to choose of the computer. Not much less, 49 percent, allow the choice of the smartphone.

Two thirds choose Apple hardware

Of the employees of the companies surveyed, 72 percent for Macs would choose as a service computer. By contrast, 28 percent would switch to other PCs.

Even 75 percent of the workforce from the surveyed companies would opt for a mobile device for an iPhone and / or iPad. Only 25 percent would choose an Android device.

Make Apple Hardware More Productive?

Is Macs, iPhones and iPads More Productive? The answer is not easy. However, many respondents say that choice alone would make them more productive. Seventy-seven percent of respondents even said they would stay with a company if they left the choice of IT equipment.

The survey is from March 2018. It surveyed 580 corporate executives, managers, and IT specialists worldwide.

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