Magic Leap, the independent AR device, will be more expensive than an iPhone X


The VR devices launched over the past few years have not enjoyed the success behind the companies behind them, the big problem being the very high entry price. Magic Leap seems to be the next major product in the mixed reality device market (which includes VR and AR), but it does not seem to solve the problem of its predecessors. In an interview at the Code Media conference, Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz revealed that the price of such a device could start at $ 1,000

Abovitz spoke about several aspects of Magic Leap technology, but one thing is clear: it will not be cheap. There will be more Magic Leap models, the basic model going to cost about "how much a top smartphone". Considering that the iPhone X, Huawei Mate 10 and Galaxy Note8 are positioned somewhere in the 900-1,000 dollar area and that Abovitz did not deny when the price was compared to the Apple flagship, we have a pretty clear starting point .

Other more powerful models that will be deployed to replace a computer with virtual screens that can be positioned anywhere in the virtual space around the user will be even more expensive, perhaps rivaling the prices of high-end desktop computers. Fortunately for application developers, the version that will get into their hands this year in "Creator Edition" will be a bit cheaper than the most expensive model, but not cheaper than $ 1,000. Abovitz says he will be positioned somewhere in the middle

Magic Leap also announced a partnership with the NBA basketball league. Thus, AR Magic Leap devices will be able to show old matches anywhere, and will be able to see rerunings from newer games from multiple angles. Also, matches can be viewed on more than one independent panel, each with a different function. One can display the video stream, another score, live statistics or social media information, which can be organized by the user.

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