Mail on Mac: Get Emails Manually – Here’s how

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Actually the retrieval of e-mail is running s automatically. This usually works well for most users and is extremely convenient. But for various reasons you can expect a mail very urgently. Then you do not have to wait extra for the next automatic poll, but can easily force the polling itself.

Manual e-mail retrieval with a shortcut

Want to quickly get new e-mails in Mail on Mac, then it works with a simple key combination. First, click your Inbox, and then press the Shift + Cmd + Cmd + key on your keyboard to have Mail contact the accounts' email servers. For example, if you forget to press the Shift key, you can write a new email.

Get Emails Manually

If you do not want to remember a shortcut, you can also use the emails Call up the menu bar at the top of the screen. Simply click on "Mailbox" and then on "Receive all new e-mails". This will scan all e-mail servers in your accounts for new e-mails.

Alternatively, you will find a letter icon above the sidebar with the different mailboxes. This also allows you to manually retrieve the emails.

Note: Not all services allow you to retrieve e-mails every second. Some servers are equipped with locks that, according to experience, only allow polling every five to ten minutes.

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