Main Reasons Why People Move From Android to iOS

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Main Reasons Why People Move From Android to iOS. The better user experience is crucial for the change between the mobile operating systems Android and iOS – in both directions. However, the larger number of users is switching from Android to iPhone. And in terms of the main reason for switching to an Android smartphone, everyone knows the reason: It’s the price. Nevertheless, the most important reason to buy new products is surprising.

At the quarterly conferences, Tim Cook repeatedly emphasizes the growing number of Android movers switching to iOS for iPhone growth. A recent survey from PC Magazine confirms the statement of the Apple CEO. 2,500 customers were surveyed in an online survey using a Google tool. Slightly more than half of the participants (54 percent) own an iPhone. 27 percent have a Samsung phone.
 Why change ...

71 percent of respondents can only imagine switching platforms. For those who have changed, the switch from Android to iPhone outweighs 18 percent. 11 percent changed in the other direction from iOS to Android. For the changers, the better user experience was the strongest motivation. For this reason, 47 percent opted for the iPhone, but also 30 percent in the Android camp.

Around a quarter of all converters value the technical features of the devices, such as the camera. More apps and better customer service play little motivation, but still speak for the Android field. The price outweighs Android, and relatively clear: 29 percent of converters coming from the iPhone called better prices as a reason for change, while only 11 percent of iPhone converters have switched for financial reasons.

Surprising and unexpected results are the survey the reasons to buy a new smartphone. Most users (56 percent) do not care about new appearances. One in three (34 percent) buys a new smartphone when the mobile phone contract expires or is due for renewal. 17 percent buy a new device when the screen is broken and another 53 percent use their smartphone until it gives up its ghost.

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