MakeupDirector 2 for macOS in the test: conjuring a smile


The software for portrait retouching is suitable not only for the female face, but also for men. Nevertheless, the app offers amazingly realistic digital make-up features. We have MakeupDirector 2 for macOS in the test. You can use the software to put a smile on any face, if you want.

Portrait photography usually requires more or less strong post-processing. Alone the lighting conditions make a person too pale, the teeth and eyes too dark or the skin too porous and wrinkled. To quickly correct such recordings, manufacturer Cyberlink promises with the MakeupDirector 2 a true tool fireworks with the simplest operation. In addition, the software should help to find the perfect make-up. In the detailed test we have looked at the app in more detail.

In fact, the start is pleasantly uncomplicated – the desired image is loaded and you can start immediately in the tool palette on the left. Whether man or woman, no matter whether the face was taken sideways, diagonally or from the front, the MakeupDirector recognizes in the test the facial contours, eyes, nose and mouth astonishingly exactly. Only with the hair one must repair mostly manually. The individual correction options are clearly arranged in different areas. In fact, many options are geared towards the digital application of make-up, blush, eyelash correction, or even lipstick, and this looks amazing in practice.

Because each effect can adjust opacity, many variations are possible. When correcting blemishes, the Cyberlink MakeupDirector sets the “full broadside” – here, there is only the slider for “on” or “off”. It is a little differentiated in the possibilities of facial shape, skin smoothing or nose correction, the results can convince. A special gadget is certainly the smile option – with the slider, even the most sullen face will be in a good mood, which in most cases works amazingly natural in our test. All corrections are not only applicable to portraits of women, but also to men.

Even faces in a photo are not a problem, they are detected automatically and have to be edited individually. The separate look area in the MakeupDirector is reserved for ladies only. Several dozen make-up looks can be used directly and adjusted later using the previously mentioned tools. For the more professional use, however, the possibility of batch processing or the saving of working files is missing. After all, your own looks can be secured for later use, plus an additional free smartphone app is available.

Overall, the Cyberlink MakeupDirector is a really serious tool to quickly get beautiful portrait photos without lengthy editing. The detailed correction functions are impressive, the results seem surprisingly natural.

Test result
Product name MakeupDirector 2
Manufacturer Cyberlink
  • Realistic Correction Results, Easy Operation, Many Detail Corrections
  • None Batch Processing, Hair Release
System Requirements Requirements: OS X 10.8, Intel Processor, 2 GB RAM

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