Making USB Stick Bootable: Here's how it works

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How to Start Using the USB Flash Drive

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Making a USB flash drive bootable can be tricky. But with the right tools and tips, the USB stick will boot any computer guaranteed. CHIP Online shows what you need to look out for, so that emergency help from the USB flash drive does not break.

The standard way around a PC or notebook in an emergency, such as after a virus attack or a Hardware defect, to start it is to make the USB stick bootable. Apart from this, there are other cases where it is worthwhile to make a USB stick bootable, for example for images from the hard disk.

Boot-stick for help on other PCs

Third big application for bootable USB sticks are foreign computers. Anyone sitting on a buddy's PC can conveniently use their favorite tools with a bootable USB stick. But for all this to work, you must prepare the USB stick so that it starts on each computer. CHIP shows how it works.

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