Managing autostarts on the Mac – It’s so easy

How To Manage S The Mac Startup

For some users, auto starters are annoying while others are very useful. We would like to show you how to turn on, turn off, add and delete the automatic starts properly.

To access the settings menu, first click on the Apple logo in the menu bar and then select "System Preferences."

In the settings, click on the entry "Users & Groups".

Now select the desired user account and then click on the "Login Objects" tab.

At the blue check mark in front of the login object you can see that this will be hidden at system startup. If the hook is missing, the app will not disappear. With a simple click on it, the function can be shown or hidden.

To add a new object, simply click on the plus symbol below the object field. Here you can select both apps and individual files that you want to be displayed after logging in. If, on the other hand, you would like to delete a login object from the list, then select it with a left-click and then click on the minus symbol.


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