Manufacturers of PC monitors, discover using 4K UHD panels for equipping Quad HD models (2560×1440)


Unfortunately, the news is not as good as it may seem, factory-set monitors to work at a lower resolution than native LCD panel display with a less clear picture compared to a native Quad HD monitor

Made in increasing numbers, LCD panels 4K have become paradoxically cheaper and easier to buy for monitor manufacturers than Quad HD, even though the latter are theoretically technologically inferior and have a higher manufacturing cost reduced. For reasons of cost optimization, OEMs tend to "recycle" a hardware configuration for as many monitor models as possible, differentiating them from the design of the casing and omitting some of the top-class features. But limiting the resolution of the image below the native LCD panel is a questionable practice, so far used only in some smart phone models, to improve the battery's specific problems and graphics interface jams

In the case of PC monitors, the much larger screen diagonal makes the "official" resolution with the native LCD panel much more noticeable, the loss of clarity affecting the readability of the text with small fonts. Additionally, adjusting the resolution using the interpolation process results in a blur of fine detail, giving the image a deleted appearance.

Anticipating the danger of legal complications, some monitor manufacturers mention the native resolution of the LCD panel on its packaging and specification list, but without explaining specifically what this contradiction to the Quad HD label is

Unfortunately, those who hope to buy at a low price a "castrated" firmware monitor for Quad HD resolution operation to change it to work at the native LCD 4K resolution will be disappointed, hardware limitations based on the processor type image used to prevent this.

The full list of monitor manufacturers that have recourse to this practice has not been revealed, but we know that special 27 "diagonal QHD models are fitted with 4K UHD LCD display panels with similar display diagonal

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