Mark photos and send them by mail on the iPhone – Here’s how

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Besides the officially announced functions, Apple also has many new features hidden deep inside the operating system, so that one sometimes does not notice them. In particular, 3D touch gestures or double taps on specific objects can reveal features that can be extremely useful. We would therefore like to introduce you to inserting photos into e-mails and tell you how to mark, enlarge or text the contents.
In the past few weeks, we have already shown you all sorts of tips in dealing with iOS 11 (and newer) With 3D Touch and many detail improvements, Apple distributed a quite extensive update and also surprised with various features Under iOS 9, the limit on sending photos was lifted by mail and allowed the marking within the image files. How exactly this works

How to Insert Photos into Emails

Option 1 : Open the Photos app and tap on “Select”, if you want to send multiple photos . If you only want to send a picture, just tap on the picture and press the share icon and then select “Mail”. Already a new e-mail will be created with the photos.

Option 2 : Open the Mail-App and create a new E-Mail. Double-tap the text box so that the context menu opens. Tap the right arrow and then “Insert photo or video”, to insert a picture.

How to mark photos before sending e-mail

With a tap on the photo, you get into another context menu. Select the “Markers” option there. This opens an extensive range of editing tools. You can use the magnifying glass tool to enlarge the image, to highlight objects in color, to insert texts and your own signature. If you are not satisfied with your own drawing, then your uneven curls can be converted into right circle and blurred lines into straight lines. At the end, tap “Done” and your markers will be included in the image. Afterwards you can send the finished picture by mail.

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