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Every TV broadcaster that has something on its hands now has a media library on the Internet. In most media libraries, you can watch almost all programs for at least a week for free. A download of the programs from the media library, however, is not provided. That's a shame, because firstly, a week is pretty short, and secondly, some programs are just too good to be enjoyed just once.





Mediathek Download with MediathekView




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  1. ARD Mediathek Download
  2. ZDF Media Library Download
  3. RTL Media Library Download
  4. Media Library Download
  5. Pro7 Media Library Download
  6. Sat.1 Mediathek Download
  7. Kabeleins Media Library Download
  8. N24 Media Library Download
  9. ORF Media Library Download
  10. SF Media Library Download
  11. 3sat Media Center Download
  12. arte Media Center Download
  13. MTV Media Library Download
  14. Viva Media Library Download
  15. BR Media Library Download
  16. NDR Media Center Download
  17. WDR Mediathek Download
  18. MDR Media Center Download
  19. SWR Mediathek D ownload
  20. Media Library Download for Mac

Matching download tools

If you want to download the videos and save them to disk, you need the right program. That's why we helped a bit and got rid of the media libraries with free tools. Depending on the library you need another program. Some tools, such as MediathekView or StreamTransport, are ideal for multiple libraries.

The good news: With the right tool the download is very easy. The even better news: In our articles, we will show you step by step how to download your desired video. And the necessary software is available for free. You will find all the tools in our download area. Whether film, favorite series, news, talk show, documentary or reportage, with our instructions, you pull all the programs quickly and easily on the hard drive. Incidentally, this also applies to HD content, as you for example in the ZDF media library.

And we've got a "stop-gap" for the stubborn media libraries where all download tools fail, just record your video with a screen recording tool like Bandicam.

In the navigation box on the left you can see all the media libraries that we have cracked for you. In the course of time, more will come to it – so it is worthwhile to look again. Just click on the library from which you want to download. In each article you will find both the manual and the required tool as a free download. We wish you much success!

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