Mercedes experiments with intelligent headlights that project images on the road surface

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For now, reserved only for the most advanced Mercedes-Maybach S-Class cars, the new headlamps could help other road users by selectively reducing the light emitted in order not to disturb the drivers coming from the opposite direction.

Far from being a revolutionary product, the new headlights are borrowing from videoprojector technology, putting in front of the LED diode a DLP or LCD type chip with a resolution of approximately 2 million pixels. Practically, vehicles equipped with this technology will be able to project HD images on the road surface such as warning messages or driving speed

The projection system can also use selective road illumination, the on-board computer adapts real-time brightness based on information from external sensors and GPS navigation maps. For example, headlamps will be able to design visual alerts to highlight pedestrians along the roadside, traffic jam symbols, and other alerts usually displayed on a GPS navigator screen.

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