MFi: Apple updates the "Made for iPhone" program

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There are two types of accessories for Apple – one is Apple’s with the MFi logo and the other others, which in some cases can not guarantee complete compatibility. With the logo on the other hand, you can be sure that Apple’s accessories for iOS devices have been tested. In addition, certified manufacturers also have access to Apple’s standards, such as the Lighting connection.

Now there is a small but subtle change to Apple’s licensing program. Certified Accessories will soon be wearing a new logo. The company’s efforts to simplify its brands and logos are thus taken into account. In addition, the transformation also makes the ranking of products within the company clear. Where it used to be called “iPod, iPhone, iPad”, now stands “iPhone, iPad, iPod” and now puts overly the focus on the iPhone.

Besides the MFi program Apple also has the “Made for Apple Watch “Program, which is aimed equally at accessory manufacturers. Since this is managed separately, there are no changes here. The new logos will officially enter into force shortly. According to initial statements, the new endorsement for participating manufacturers should become mandatory within 90 days.

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