Cloud Storage One Drive has just become even more useful, and Microsoft adds an automatic backup option to files that are not in the OneDrive folder

Named Folder Protection, the setting can be applied to some destinations such as Windows Desktop, Documents, Pictures, etc., ensuring that the important documents we work on will not be lost in the event of compromising your PC with malware or malfunctioning the storage device

The Folder Protection option was first available to Business customers, but it is now available for all OneDrive accounts, including personal accounts that only use Microsoft's free storage space

Just like all the files stored in OneDrive account, those checked for automatic backup from Desktop or from another location on the hard disk are synchronized to between the PCs authenticated on that account.

To check the Folder Protection option for a particular location on the hard drive, we only need to visit Activity Center, using the button displayed in the Tray section of Windows 10, the bottom right corner of the screen. From here, choose More> Settings> Auto Save> Update folders, where we select the file directories that we want to automatically back up to your OneDrive account

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