Microsoft aims to abandon passwords in favor of safer security technologies

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Microsoft extends the Windows Hello security technology suite, including support for FIDO2 digital keys, recently standardized by the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) alliance

The password authentication method is no longer a safe solution for protecting user accounts, almost any respectable company proposing at least one complementary method for validating the identity. However, two-step authentication, for example by providing a code that is received on the mobile phone, is inconvenient and does not completely solve the problem of unsafe passwords.

The alternative proposed by Microsoft is the use of security keys in the form of a USB stick, provided with cryptographic signature and activation by providing a pin or finger code, using the integrated biometric sensor

Similar to traditional keys, FIDO2 devices can be worn in your pocket or wallet, simply plugging into a USB port by running your Windows 10 user account. As long as it remains connected to the USB port, the FIDO2 can also serve as a secure authentication tool for other user accounts, replacing the code received separately on the mobile phone and the primary password, the latter being substituted by the fingerprint delivery.

An even more convenient alternative to the USB key would be an NFC smart card, just as close to your laptop or compatible mobile phone.

Particularly useful in the business environment, Windows Hello FIDO2 keys could become a popular choice for consumers as well, eager to escape password protection and associated security risks

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