Microsoft buys GitHub for $ 7.5 million

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Already, the announcement of Microsoft in many developers from the open-source community causes frowns. Occasionally, there is concern that the platform will be blown up in the medium term.

This is another reason why the company promises developers to continue to manage their code on the platform without having to use a Microsoft product. The later deployment (deployment) of their own apps should also, as currently, remain possible on many different platforms. It is conceivable, however, that Microsoft will integrate an option for deployment on the in-house Azure infrastructure.

Microsoft buys GitHub and exchanges personnel

The company from Redmond emphasizes in its statement, that he has a lot of ideas for the platform. Microsoft believes that developers will solve important social problems in the future. The company also recognizes the responsibility it assumes with the acquisition. In addition, Microsoft has been a software company since its inception.

In order to realize its goals with GitHub, the staff is replaced at the top of the company. Nat Friedman later becomes the new Managing Director. He knows open source and is founder of the company Xamarin, which now belongs to Microsoft. As Xamarin they offer a cross-platform IDE for the development of smartphone and tablet apps.

The current CEO GitHubs, Chris Wanstrath, will continue to work for Microsoft until further notice. According to media reports, GitHub has been looking for a new CEO for a while.

GitHub costs $ 7.5 billion

Microsoft has $ 7.5 billion for GitHub. The transaction is entirely in the form of Microsoft shares.

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