Microsoft finishes Flickergate scandal, accepting to replace free Surface 4 with defective screen


Illustrated by angry users with many pictures and video clips, the problem of the sudden failure of the Surface 4 tablet screen has long been ignored by Microsoft, and the company has refused to recognize it officially because the affected devices were out of the warranty period.

Caused by a design flaw that induces the accelerated wear of a microprocessor essential to good screen operation, the defect occurs shortly after the manufacturer's warranty period of 1 year has passed. Not surprisingly, users who paid exorbitant sums for a premium laptop turned into a decoration object were not at all excited to give up the almost new device, especially since the flaw did not fall into the category of unfortunate accidents at all

Unfortunately, the only solution found for tablets that could not be repaired without complicated service at the service center was to place them briefly in the freezer. Apparently, lowering the temperature is enough to eliminate the flickering effect of the image, enough time for users to transfer important documents to an external storage device. Reverted to ambient temperature, the integrated image processing circuitry sent to screen displays ceases to work properly, leaving the tablet $ 1,500 virtually unusable

Initially, the safe solution made available to users of Surface Pro 4 tablets that exceeded the 1-year warranty provided by Microsoft is replacing the tablet for $ 800

Transformed into a disaster of PR, the scandal in which thousands of Surface 4 users have unsuccessfully tried to get the repair of non-functioning devices, has now become a happy ending, Microsoft announcing the extension of the warranty period for Surface 4 tablets to 3 years. Moreover, those who have already repaired their devices at their own expense will be compensated, provided the intervention has been carried out in an authorized service center.

According to a Consumer Reports report, this is not the first incident of this type that targets the Surface Table line, with under-expected reliability being claimed in previous models

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