Microsoft has stopped delivering Specter-Meltdown vulnerabilities to AMD systems after some PCs ceased to work


Following the criticisms made by AMD's representatives, who accused Microsoft of indiscriminately applying a patch of security that could unduly diminish performance for PCs that are not targeted by Meltdown exploitation, things seem to have taken an ugly turn , some of the PCs equipped with AMD processors have ceased to work

With the full name KB4056892 (2018-01) Cumulative Update, the pactch designed to limit the effects of Specter and Meltdown exploits, the latter targeting only PCs equipped with Intel processors, seems to come up with its own set of problems, for Microsoft to temporarily suspend the updates delivered through the Windows Update service

In a first official statement, Microsoft accuses AMD of failing to provide the documentation necessary to ensure compatibility with all the chipsets and processors in circulation. Nothing about the Microsoft team's responsibility to concretely test their own patches, using PCs based on AMD configurations

Meanwhile, AMD has announced its direct involvement in developing a new patch with Microsoft, which will be distributed at the end of this week.

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