Microsoft launches 5 new Windows 10 releases


Microsoft prepares major changes to the Windows 10 version tagging, increasing the number of Windows versions available to users

Thus, the Windows 10 Home family will be diversified with no less than 5 editions, each with different hardware requirements and addressing specific categories of devices:

  • Windows 10 Entry : $ 25
  • Windows 10 Value : $ 45
  • Windows 10 Core: $ 65.45
  • Windows 10 Core + : $ 86.66
  • Windows 10 Advanced : $ 101

It is unclear how these will differ from the standard edition of Windows 10, but Microsoft's prepared changes seem to benefit devices with limited processing resources (tablets and low-cost laptops), while leaving enough flexibility to exploit PCs last generation to full potential.

As a matter of fact, the system requirements are as different as possible, from one version to another:

  • Entry : Recommended for Intel Atom / Celeron / Pentium processor systems with less than 4GB of RAM and less than 32GB of solid state storage space. The screen diagonal may be at least 14.1 "for laptop systems, 11.6" for tablets and 17 "for AiO PCs
  • : Features similar to the Entry version, but with support for configurations that exceed 4GB of RAM, 64GB of solid state storage or 500GB of hard disk space
  • Core: : can not be used with devices that meet the Core + or Advanced
  • Core + : For laptop systems / 2 in 1 / AiO equipped with high-end processors and more than 4GB of RAM (minimum 8GB RAM for configurations exceeding 1080p resolution), 2TB hard disk space or SSD
  • Advanced : Optimized for Intel Core i9 / i7 processor configurations with at least 6 cores, AMD FX / Ryzen 7 / Threadripper processors. Requires a minimum of 16GB of RAM and provides native support for 4K UHD or higher resolution screens

Simultaneously, Microsoft will drop the Windows 10 S edition, replacing it with a so-called "S-mode" that can be enabled from any of the above-mentioned Windows 10 editions, the effect being to limit the options for installing applications exclusively to Windows selections Store.

The new Windows 10 editions will be available starting April April 2018 .

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