Microsoft offers free antivirus scanning in Chrome browser

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Windows Defender has just become more user-friendly with Chrome, providing Microsoft with an extension that provides real-time scanning of visited sites, blocking malware threats and 99% of phishing attacks

Thanks to Google's improvements over time, the Chrome Web browser offers quite good protection against viruses and other threats in the online environment. However, for complete protection, it is necessary to use a dedicated antivirus product capable of detecting in real time most of the types of malware in circulation

Available for free to Windows 10 users, Windows Defender has already proven it can be a good replacement for commercial antivirus products.

Started as a service with basic functionality designed to provide minimal protection until a more sophisticated antivirus product is purchased, Windows Defender grows slowly but surely in complexity, with the latest addition to its arsenal being an extension that allows scanning functions directly into the Chrome browser .

Although its use is not required to take advantage of antivirus protection, the new Windows Defender extension promises to increase the efficiency of the anti-phishing filter from around 87% in the native Chrome browser to over 99%

Already available for Microsoft Edge users, the additional protection obtained by using the Windows Defender extension should not have a great impact on the performance, with the benefits of security being more important

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