Microsoft prepares cheaper Surface tablets to compete with new iPad


At this point, Apple is not really having serious competition on the cheap tablet market. While the iPad Pro series is struggling with Windows 10 alternatives in the Surface and Surface Pro range, the cheap tablet market with Windows or Android is quite deserted. Microsoft, however, seems to want a presence on this segment, even if its latest Windows RT model has failed lamentably six years ago

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft is preparing a new range of Affordable Surface Tablets, priced somewhere around $ 400 (the new iPad costs $ 330). They would be equipped with 10 "screens and a slightly changed design, with rounded edges and an integrated vertical stand, the target of new tablets being students. The integrated operating system is Windows 10 Pro, which will ensure compatibility with many desktop applications in addition to Microsoft Store applications

The specifications are not very clear on the hardware platform, but there are details about connectivity, autonomy and the chipset partner. In-Range Surface Tablets will be lighter by 20% than the Pro models, will offer four hours less autonomy (ie 9.5 hours) and will be based on Intel processors (perhaps Core M models). These will be the first Microsoft tablets with USB Type-C plug for charging and connecting accessories.

It looks like Microsoft is preparing for new tablets and a new range of cheaper accessories such as a keyboard, a stylus and a mouse. Tablets will not ship with keyboards in a Pro-like package. For configurations, tablets are expected in 64 or 128 GB internal storage as well as in LTE modem versions

It's unclear when Microsoft's announcement is made, but considering how detailed this information is, it's probably going to be done very soon. Microsoft typically has a scheduled ad for the summer to sell new products as part of the back-to-school annual rebate program. Since these tablets are educational-oriented, it would not be out of the ordinary to find out the full details of the new Cheap Surface tablets in the next two or three months.

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