Microsoft Previews Office 2019 for Mac as a Preview

Microsoft today released its Mac preview for Office 2019 The new testing program is for businesses and organizations that do not use the company's cloud-based Office 365 software.

In a blog post Microsoft announced that Office 2019 for Mac will be released in the "second half of 2018". Microsoft also said that subscribing to Office 365 ProPlus is still the best solution for commercial use, but also recognizes that there are companies that do not want to go to the cloud. These are for Office 2019 for Mac.

Office 2019 for Mac offers new features such as customization of Ribbons in Office applications, focus mode in Word, morph transitions and 4k video in PowerPoint, new charts and more Features in Excel as well as the focused Inbox in Outlook. These features are already included with Office 365 ProPlus, but are not available in Office for Mac 2016. For a deeper insight, see the release notes.

Microsoft also believes that Office 2019 will be useful for Mac IT administrators because the software is easier to manage on the network. The command-line tools allow IT administrators to centrally control how and when Office updates are applied to users' devices. Support for industry-standard MDM policies and settings gives IT the ability to enforce enterprise-wide security policies, including settings for Visual Basic macros and app settings.

The Office 2019 Commercial Preview Program for Mac is not available to individuals. Anyone who wants to participate as a company must register.

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