Microsoft releases Windows 3.0 File Manager, the ancestor of nearly 30 years of Windows File Manager


Tailored for compatibility with Windows 10, Windows 3.0 File Manager was the first application to manage file collections from a mouse and keyboard optimized graphics interface (GUI)

Distributed in open source, Windows 3.0 File Manager (WinFile) is available in two versions, a "retro" version only modified to work with modern PCs and another "enriched" with useful features that did not exist in the original version, how would be the shortcuts Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.

More than a history lesson, Windows 3.0 File Manager with its way of showing folder structure and files in separate panels presents a very different approach to current standards. Adapted for the modest resolution of CRT monitors, the app seems to pack up too much information and is awkward to use, but it could find a second tablet onboard screen and smart phones constrained in terms of available display space

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