Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablets complained of mass malfunction of the screen immediately after expiration of the warranty period


Discontent users have even created a dedicated site - Flickergate, illustrating with many pictures and videos the problem that Microsoft has refused to officially recognize

Unfortunately, the only solution found for tablets that can not be repaired without complicated intervention at the service center is to place them briefly in the freezer. Apparently, lowering the temperature is enough to eliminate the flickering effect of the image, enough time for users to transfer important documents to an external storage device. Reverted to ambient temperature, the integrated image processing circuitry sent to screen displays ceases to work properly, leaving the tablet $ 1,500 practically unusable

Currently, the secure solution made available to users of Surface Pro 4 tablets that exceeded Microsoft's one-year warranty is the replacement of the tablet for $ 800. But this option is not without risk, some of the users who have accepted the reconditioned Surface Pro tablet exchange return after some time to the Microsoft Tech Support Forum with the same problem

According to unofficial statistics, at least 1,800 Surface Pro 4 users have so far complained of the defect manifested by the appearance of disturbing visual artefacts on the screen. Apparently, the problem occurs shortly after the 1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer and can not be resolved with a simple software update. Although, according to the Flickergate site, less than 1% of Surface Pro 4 tablets are affected by this defect, the number could increase considerably with time.

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