Microsoft Updates Windows Notepad

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Looking at the endless range of patches that fix security and stability issues in the latest version of Windows 10, we believe that Microsoft has more important things to do than to improve the most common text editing application available for the desktop PC platform

Notepad is one of the few Windows applications kept and left virtually unchanged ever since Windows 98, remaining as useful as the beginning. But if there's no need for change, then why does Microsoft insist on launching a new version?

According to Microsoft, users have requested important add-ons, helping in specific situations such as viewing system logs and text manipulation. So, we'll soon be able to use Windows Notepad to automatically search for and replace words and phrases in the documents we edit.

Zoom will get improvements, users can use the scroll wheel in combination with the CTRL key to increase or decrease the displayed text

Another change is aimed at detecting text line breaks in documents created on Unix / Linux or Macintosh systems, so that text formatting is also processed correctly on Windows systems

The status bar will now be displayed by default, users finding column column information here and activating the word-wrap function

Microsoft also adds the CTRL-BACKSPACE command, also used in other text editing applications to delete the last typed word.

Introduced in the latest version of Windows 10 Redstone 5, the new Notepad will be included with the next major update to Windows 10, ready for its official debut this fall

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