mid-range gaming headphones with plug & play functionality

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Razer is among the market-leading gaming brands, being among the first companies to develop such dedicated peripherals. Its product range has evolved from mouis to keyboards, headphones, laptops and even smartphones in recent years, and is still one of the market leaders when talking about this niche. We've recently tested two budget products, the Abyssus Essential mouse and the Goliathus Chroma pad, and we've been pleased with their performance, and we're now testing the Kraken Pro V2 headphones, a mid-range headset that's very exciting in the company's offer .

Construction, design

The advantage that Razer has such an old presence on the market provides an advantage in terms of design and construction as it has had a long time to refine its production line. Thus, the Kraken Pro V2 helmets give the very first moments the safety of a quality product, very well built and coiled

As for the second version of Kraken Pro, Razer has already learned what needs to be improved over the original model. First of all, we are dealing with cups of the same size, but now the memory foam foam (covered with organic leather) is oval. Thus, comfort over long periods of use is still ensured, while ambient sound will be better isolated.

Also, instead of plastic, Razer has turned on a metal headboard that catches the plastic cups and ensures their vertical mobility. At the top, the rack is covered with a layer of organic leather decorated with the Razer logo, while the headband is covered with a layer of soft fabric

The microphone is hidden in the left bucket and is made of flexible material, while the cable is thin and made of textile. It ends in a TRRS combo jack, which can be used on smartphones, laptops with a combo plug, and other devices such as virtual reality headphones that do not have separate headphones and microphone jacks. This can be extended with a cable with two sockets included in the package. Similar to other similar headphones, the normal cable is too short for normal use on the PC, while the two cables "wire" result in an excess of wire

The Kraken V2 Pro is a pair of headphones that looks pretty solid, but the cable too thin could be a problem over time, despite being protected by a layer of fabric. Also, the volume control and microphone shutdown is quite small and could slip over time as it is a potentiometer, so our recommendation would be to set the maximum volume on headphones and to control the digital volume in the game or Windows.

What we can appreciate, however, in the Kraken Pro V2 design is the lack of elements that distract attention and the fact that it is not a complicated pair of headphones. We do not have colored lights or a USB plug, while the white version will surely match the systems of players who prefer lighter peripherals or want headsets that contrast with black ones. Those who prefer headphones in other colors can opt for the black or green "Razer" model.


One of the strengths of Kraken Pro V2 headphones is the lack of software that requires installation. Despite the fact that the Razer Synapse has evolved a little lately, being useful for more than configuring colored lights, we were tired of having to run yet another app just to set up a pair of headphones. This also means that we do not have the possibility to set audio profiles, being limited to the way the headphones operate.

The sound quality of Kraken Pro V2 is good, but not extraordinary. We have to deal with low frequencies that are quite strong, but not exaggerated, which is an advantage for gaming headphones, because the explosions and other strong sounds will not cover the rest of the frequencies, but we are having trouble with the mediums and highs, they are not very well separated. Basically, when you have more of the sound effects played at the same time, it can sometimes be complicated to identify each sound individually. Average frequencies are rendered quite fairly, but the high ones cause problems.

This is even worse when you run a game where the sound spacing is important. From this point of view, the Kraken Pro V2 headphones are quite good, making it easy to identify the direction of the sounds. The problem, however, occurs when there are several sounds at the same time in different directions, and it's hard to figure out what's being heard and then where. Because of this, music is not very enjoyable on these headphones, and it is sometimes hard to hear each instrument.

Of course, at a basic level, the music is OK, at a level close to what we find on headphones in the premium smartphone package, but there is plenty of room to improve

I have not mentioned before, but it is worth mentioning that the Kraken Pro V2 is a pair of closed-headphones, despite the fact that the design would suggest something else. Unfortunately, despite this, the sound is not very well insulated inside. Anyone in the neighborhood can hear the sound from the headphones, but fortunately the outside sound does not get very easily inside because of the sponges, as long as you are not in a crowded and noisy room

From a comfort point of view, Razer did a good job, but there is little room for improvement. These headphones can easily be worn for many hours without problems, but the oval shape sponges may bother certain users after a while. The biggest advantage of the Kraken Pro V2 in terms of construction is its low weight, making it lighter than you would expect at first glance.

Finally, we have the microphone, a very important component of any pair of gaming headphones. It is not by far the best on the market, but it offers very good sound quality and a decent separation to eliminate background noise. The only disturbing thing was that we had to raise the "boost" volume by 10 dB from the sound card control panel, as the interlocutors complained that they were hearing very slowly. Once I raised the volume, those on the other side even praised the audio quality of this microphone.


The Kraken Pro V2 from Razer is a pair of competent gaming headphones and can certainly be considered in its price range as a good choice. Of course, there are more competitive models that come with the same level of endowment but can offer better sound at a near cost. Of course, this is a "brand tax", and Razer products are generally slightly more expensive than other models. Brands of the brand will certainly not be disappointed, especially if they already have more products in the company, the Kraken Pro V2's design can easily be integrated into the rest of the Razer periphery "family."

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