Millions of Android-powered phones hijacked for cripto-coin mining


Even though the virtual currency trading price fluctuated significantly over the past month, the declines were only temporary and the public's interest in them is far from being low. The same can be said about malware creators who have transformed the generation and then sale of crypto-coins into a very profitable activity.

The mobile phone is warm to the touch, and the battery lowers its eyes. More and more mobile application developers are experimenting with alternative funding methods that promise consistent amounts of money in a relatively short amount of time but generate the "expense" of users who stay with their downloaded or damaged phones prematurely. One method is malicious code crawling in apps in the Google Play store, which is sufficiently discreet that abuse is not immediately detected by filters deployed to protect users.

By simply redirecting the connection, compromised applications send users to a website that runs the Monero Coin Plug-in. Without further subterfuges, the site informs visitors that it uses their virtual coin-generating devices and offers the opportunity to interrupt this activity by typing an on-screen code. Thought to keep users busy for at least 4 minutes, the activity gives you enough time to generate a small amount of money without draining the battery too much or risking it malfunctioning. Of course, this "application pause" of application developers can be repeated at random intervals.

According to the analysis by Malwarebytes security company specialists, the site created by the campaign's authors raised more than 30 million visits in a single month, suggesting an impressive number of compromised Android devices with crypto-coin-

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