mini LED projector for multimedia experiences at a modest price [REVIEW]

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Addressing those who want to experience a "cinema experience," but they do not even have the budget needed to purchase an advanced videoproiector, the YG400 is the kind of device so cheap that you probably will not regret having bought it, even if you find immediate shortcomings


Typical for many inexpensive products from Asian shops, the generic YG400 LCD Portable Mini HD Wired Projector is shipped in a package that the manufacturer's name is not found. On the surprisingly well-built and stylish device according to the standards of a video projector we find the name LEJIADA, a brand appearing on several other cheap projectors, and so on. But it does not matter, but the promise of enjoying a multimedia experience at a fraction of the cost of a projector signed by one of the established brands

Offered in a classic projector housing, but reduced to the miniature stage. The device is provided with a sufficiently bright LED light source to obtain a diagonal measurement of 1 – 2 meters when viewed in a room without other ambient light sources. As rudimentary as possible, the YG400 features an optical grouping that lets you focus the image from a distance of 1 meter or manual geometry adjustment to compensate for the positioning of the device above or below the projection surface. Designed for ad-hoc installation, the YG400 also features a tripod mount like a camera or video camera.

The image is generated using a miniature LCD screen placed in front of the LED light source. It supports 800×480 native resolution, but the HDMI input supports video signal sources up to Full HD resolution, which helps rendering presentations in a way that does not show too much SD resolution limitations

Supplied with a small remote control, the YG400 can also function as a stand-alone media player by playing movies and albums with photos hosted on USB flash drives or an SD memory card

The sound is played back with a built-in speaker, powerful enough for a bedroom or small office space.

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