Mio launches the MiVue C380 Dual, a car video camera that simultaneously shoots the front and rear of the car


Mio Technology announces the availability on the local market of the Mio MiVue C380 Dual, capable of recording full-HD events in front of and behind the car.

In addition to the front camera, the MiVue C380 Dual also includes the Mio MiVue A30, which is mounted on the rear of the car. With visibility at 140 ° angle, the camera can also be helpful in the event of an accident caused by the driver not having a safe distance

The recording quality is given by the F1.8 lens, optimized for use in low light conditions. The device uses H.264 compression, enabling efficient use of available storage space

The front camera features a 2 "(diagonal 5.08 cm) screen and records at 1080p at 30 frames per second. After inserting the microSD frame and connecting it to the vehicle power source, the camera starts recording immediately after powering up the machine. In addition, it can be switched to Shooting mode to capture landscapes from the trip.

The video recordings made by the Mio MiVue C380 Dual include both the location and speed of the car. Thus, if needed, drivers can review the trader's details at any time by accessing the microSD memory card.

The Mio MiVue C380 Dual can give warnings when passing by surveillance cameras or fixed cameras, and their location information is updated quarterly throughout the device. This feature allows drivers to keep their running speed within legal limits, adapted to the road ahead.

In case of sudden changes of direction or collision, the camera automatically records events and the resulting files can not be overwritten

The camera is available in Romania at a recommended price of 869 Lei

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