Mio reveals Spirit 7700 LM, a new 12.7 cm wide panoramic navigation system and free TomTom maps


The Mio Spirit 7700 LM provides information on speed limits, best routes, and parking assistance. The device benefits from TomTom maps with lifetime free updates and incorporates the treadmill guidance system Mio as well as 3D viewing features at junctions

The Mio Spirit 7700 LM navigation system is fastened to the windscreen by an active magnetic holder, so mounting and dismounting is quick and easy. In addition, the device can be charged both via the magnetic holder and the micro USB port

The Mio Spirit 7700 LM incorporates the voice announcement feature of the streets to avoid distracting users from the road and avoiding dangerous situations. With this device, drivers will be informed early on about the layout of the route and will be guided at the right time on the appropriate lane

The device can inform the user 1 km before arriving at the destination of the available parking spaces and memorizing the location of the vehicle.

As it is used, the Mio Spirit 7700 LM navigation system, using the LearnMe Pro feature, retains the driver's driving style and recommends personalized routes in the future. In addition, with IQ Routes, the navigation system collects traffic information from other drivers in real time and optimizes route tracking

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