We have to answer the asked question with a No. The Er Experience has shown that the Mac as a gaming platform evolves independently of available technologies. But we could at least see updates for existing games that bring performance gains and are graphically more elaborate. See more later.

What is Volcano?

Volcano is an interface for programmers to apply graphics card resources. Vulkan is, simply put, the further development of OpenGL.

However, Apple itself only offers very old OpenGL drivers with macOS and iOS, whose performance is not optimized. Since the manufacturer from Cupertino released his own Metal API for this purpose, interest in the support of foreign technologies seems to have diminished.

What is MoltenVK?

MoltenVK now intervenes. It's a runtime environment that covers almost the entire command set of the Vulkan API, but allows developers to integrate it into their game . The project also relies on Apple's Metal API on the Mac.

Valve supports MoltenVK

uses Valve's own Source 2 engine Volcano. That's why the company naturally showed a genuine interest in MoltenVK. So there is a beta version of DotA 2 for Mac, which was realized with MoltenVK. This offers up to 50 percent speed increase over the traditional variant that uses Apple's OpenGL driver.


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