Monkey heat and torrential rain: Floods are now threatening here


It stays summery warm to hot. Especially on the Rhine and in the North German Plain are in places again highs of 31 to 33 degrees in it. In many places, however, it is also unpleasantly humid, because moist subtropical air spreads over large parts of Germany from the south-west.

Consequently, from the late morning hours, cumulus clouds can form. Strong thunderstorms develop especially in the west, in the south and over the middle, partly also in the area of ​​the Erzgebirge.

Weather weather portal Weather Channel reports that there is a risk of severe weather due to torrential rains The slow shift of thunderclouds locally will again provide for enormous amounts of rain. New flooding of streets and cellars are then inevitable. In addition to the heavy rain, there is another danger of lightning strikes and hailstones. In places larger hail accumulations are to be expected.
In which areas exactly severe thunderstorms and floods threaten, shows the Web App Windy. On a satellite map, you can see detailed wind, temperature, and weather forecasts for Germany and the rest of the world.
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