Most employees think they would be more productive if they were working in an environment with less noise

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Workplace noise is a problem that affects employees' productivity and reduces their satisfaction. According to specialists, many employees consider a quiet environment a benefit, just like an attractive salary or a room subscription

A study by Plantronics commissioned by Plantronics in 2017 on the effects of noise at work revealed that 94% of respondents were convinced they could do more at work in a quieter environment and 53% agreed that noise they reduce their satisfaction.

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"This information can be important for managers and entrepreneurs because they bring news to the list of attractive proposals that companies can present when recruiting. Work patterns are changing, especially in areas with loud background noise, such as call center, noise and disruption, are bigger than most managers think, and may have negative effects on employee engagement and productivity. " view Heidi Butler, Regional Manager of Eastern Europe Plantronics

Research also reveals that 64% of survey respondents said the possibility of being isolated from noise and sources of distraction increased their productivity

Another study showed that it may take up to 23 minutes, on average, for a person to regain concentration after attention was distracted

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