Motorola is firing 190 engineers. Plans for Moto X5 and Moto Mods could be canceled [UPDATE]


UPDATE: Motorola has made an official statement about this situation: "By the end of 2017, Lenovo announced the launch of a global resource analysis approach, which is applicable in the coming quarters. This process will have an impact on a maximum of 2% of the global workforce. The reduction in the number of employees announced this week is a continuation of this process. We will reduce Motorola's operations in Chicago, but this will not affect half of the employees in this area, and the Moto Z product line will continue to be part of the company's portfolio. "

Motorola is a brand that has begun to attract public attention over the past few years. As long as it is under Lenovo's tutelage, the Moto brand has begun to bring affordable, very attractive smartphones to the market, as well as flagship capabilities such as the Moto Z series compatible with Moto Mods modular accessories. It seems, however, that the last few releases did not enjoy the expected success, the Chicago development team being diminished and some products canceled

The company has confirmed that about 190 engineers in the Chicago division responsible for developing new products have been or are about to be fired as a result of restructuring. This figure represents less than half of the staff in these offices and consequently a whole range of devices and modular modular accessories are in danger of disappearing

We all were waiting for the Mobile World Congress a Motorola announcement, as we have seen in the past pictures and rumors about the smartphones they are going to launch. However, the company offered only some accessories for the Moto Z series at the event. The long awaited Moto X5, the borderless and bang-like model on the iPhone X has not been presented, the latest unofficial information about its status suggesting that the entire Moto X series could be canceled.

Internally developed Moto Mods accessories could also be canceled. Lenovo's plan is now to find partners willing to develop new accessories for this product range, which they will formally promote. Fortunately, the company already has an active partner program, with several Moto Mods already launched with startups or even big names like Polaroid, JBL or Amazon

It seems that the Moto E, Moto G and Moto Z smartphones series, which are the best selling, are not affected

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