Motorola Moto X4 test: our opinion


If its high-end models are powerful, it is really on the mid-range that Motorola pulls out of the game. With the Moto X4, the brand is again a very good model that offers great material benefits and software for a reasonable price. Sold 349 euros (it can be found a little cheaper on the Internet), it is intercalated between the Moto G5 Plus, which is our smartphone to less than 300 € favorite and the Moto Z2 which offers a system of magnetic accessories to add functionality.

The Moto X4 pleased us for its waterproof design, dual sensor camera, expandable memory, numerous software options, all for a decent price. It lacks a processor a little faster and the ability to customize the finish of the phone, an option we had particularly appreciated on Moto X 2014.

Although it is not as as powerful as the Moto Z2 or the OnePlus 5T, it beats other models in its price range like, for example, the Alcatel Idol 5S and the U11 Life of HTC. The Moto X4 is very comfortable in its class with the right specifications and good performance at the right price.

Design elegant and waterproof

Although it is unfortunately no longer possible to customize the finish of this model, the X4 is rather attractive. Available in black or silver, it is so bright that it made us think of the liquid metal version of the T-1000 in the movie "Terminator". Speaking of liquid, know that the mobile is waterproof (IP68), which means that it can be submerged to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes. We did the test three times in a row for 28 minutes without any worries.

Returning to style, the glossy finish is very prone to fingerprints. Compared to other high-end smartphone, the Moto X4 is rather thick and inconspicuous with its protruding rear camera. Another complaint we have with him is the location of the fingerprint reader. Under the screen it looks like a home button that is usually found there. We had to fight against the well-established habit of supporting thinking of joining the main screen. Know finally that we lamented two big scratches on the front facade after carrying the phone in a bag. A protective film will save you the inconvenience but better know that it is risky to use the smartphone "natural".

Plethora of practical software options

The Moto X4 has a function named Moto Key that allows unlocking applications and devices with its fingerprint. Up to 4 Bluetooth devices can be connected at the same time, allowing you to use stereo speakers or share music with a friend on wireless headphones.

There are also the gesture controls of the Moto Actions application which allows, for example, to launch the camera by twisting the wrist twice or to light the flashlight by shaking the camera. phone. The Moto Display app is also present to customize the lock screen and notifications. The Google Assistant is the only integrated voice assistant, but it works fine.

A flash for selfies and a spike of AI

As many Current high-end smartphones, the Moto X4 is equipped with a dual-sensor rear camera: a 12-megapixel camera and a 8-megapixel wide-angle camera. In general, photos taken indoors or outdoors with good lighting are sharp, well exposed and bright. It does not go so well when the light is dim, with a lot of grain, artifacts and motion blur.

The 16 megapixel front camera is equipped with a flash, which is practical for illuminating self-portraits in dark environments. You can also make panoramic selfies with the function that adds an image to the right and left of the face. Not bad for group self-portraits.

The wide angle of the camera is useful for capturing a larger scene, but we noticed that it tended to distort the image of so pronounced that we sometimes think we see a distorting mirror.

You can also take pictures with a bokeh effect that gives an impression of depth of field by blurring the background. But the result is not as good as a Pixel 2 or an iPhone 8 Plus can do.

The Moto X4 has a depth editor with which you can change the level of blur on the portraits or the focus area after the fact. One can also accentuate a particular color and transform the other colors into shades of black, gray and white to obtain an artistic rendering. Finally, it is possible to change the background after selecting the part of the image that you want to keep. Note that the last two features were still in beta at the time of our test.

The Moto X4 can search for objects from a photo, in the manner of Google Lens on the Pixel 2 But the application is not as fast and reliable as the latter. This remains a fun option to shine in the evening on occasion.

Average performance, correct autonomy

The Moto X4 is equipped with a processor Snapdragon 630, which does not make a lightning of war. The reference of the moment is the Snapdragon 835. On paper, the Motorola is almost equal to the Moto G5 Plus and the Alcatel Idol 5S. If you have a bit more budget, you can have a OnePlus 5T with a Snapdragon 835.

It can happen that the Moto X4 suffers from some latency, but nothing that makes it frustrating to use. You can browse the web, read e-mail and use worry-free applications. However, it is the camera that is dragging, whether to launch the application or even take a snapshot. The burst mode is also windy. It takes 5 seconds to take 10 shots where other phones take 20 or more.

The autonomy is much more satisfactory: 12h33mn to our endurance test. It's a solid result for a smartphone of this caliber. It is equal to the U11 Life while the Idol 5S only 7h48mn. In current use, the Moto X4 can hold a full day on a charge. And with moderate to light use, we were able to use it for a whole weekend. In addition, the smartphone is compatible with the brand Turbo Charge rapid charging system.


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