We knew from the beginning of the year that Motorola is working on a new smartphone with a cut screen, but it appeared in various photos under several names. Initially, it seemed to be called Moto X5, then Motorola One Power, but its ultimate name could be the Motorola P30, a premium mid-range phone with a familiar design that could be launched in the very near future

The new details on this phone suggest that we are dealing with a "clone" of the iPhone X in terms of design. The cut-off at the top looks much like the one on the Apple phone, and the dual camera system on the back comes with two sensors oriented vertically with an LED flash in the center. What the Motorola P30 does and does not see on the iPhone is a circular flicker sensor on the back, with the Motorola logo on it.

The Motorola Logo can be noticed at the bottom of the screen in the space I've encountered on all Android thin-bed phones, a space that is not on the iPhone as well. The construction is made of glass on both sides and aluminum on the edges, like all the premium phones in the last few years.

At the hardware chapter, we are dealing with a 6 , 2 "19: 9 format, an octa-core processor yet unspecified, but it could be a Snapdragon 600 or 700 series, 6 GB RAM, 64 or 128 GB storage and a 3,000 mAh battery . Also, the main camera will benefit from a 16 megapixel sensor, while the secondary sensor will provide 5 megapixel resolution, suggesting that we are dealing with a portrait mode without zooming or "wide" capabilities

Given what we already know about this phone, it's likely that the release date is very close, but Motorola has not yet officially announced anything about an event it would be presenting in.


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