MSI announces new ultra-fast gaming monitor

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Compatible with NVIDIA G-Sync technology, the Oculux NXG251 will be one of the fastest market-based games monitors, equipped with an LCD panel with 0.5ms response time and 240Hz image refresh rate

Announced at $ 599, the product for PC gaming enthusiasts and eSports entrants promises a non-LAG gaming experience or blurring at speeds of over 200 frames per second.

Combining the current range of gaming monitors with a refresh rate at 240 Hz, the MSI Oculux NXG251 focuses on the higher response time, the 0.5 ms value being unprecedented even in this product category

Simultaneously, MSI also unveiled the Optix MAG491C, a wide-screen monitor with a resolution of 3840×1080 pixels, with a display area comparable to two Full HD monitors placed side by side. The 49 "diagonal screen has a response time of 3ms and supports an image update rate of 144Hz.

Unfortunately, the comfort of an uninterrupted image on the screen as two Full HD monitors next to each other comes with a $ 999 price. However, the cost is below the level of competition, its main rival – the Samsung CHG90 – being priced at $ 1499.

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