N84: Pegatron as Producer of Apple’s ARM MacBook?

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DigiTimes dispels rumors from Apple’s supply chain The organ claims that Pegatron would most likely win the production of the Star project. The actual product carries the internal serial number N84.

Pegatron does not comment on any rumors

According to DigiTimes, Pegatron did not want to comment on the rumors. And yet the magazine goes public with such information?

The magazine probably also feels encouraged because other media have already reported on the project “Star”. Last but not least, it was said that prototypes had already been manufactured by Pegatron.

Piercing to save one’s own skin?

But how can that be used to justify the publication of a rumor? In the many years (20+) that I’ve been covering for Apple and other technology topics, I’ve noticed that some corporate executives are spreading rumors to satisfy investors. This sometimes happens in public and sometimes subtly.

But in many cases, launching rumors can help calm the stock price. After all, nobody ever gets to know the name of the person who passed on the information.

Codenamed N84 – Does It Recall Nokia?

The code name N84 only recently appeared. Apple uses it internally for a prestige project. Whether it is an AR pair of glasses, the new Mac Pro or a MacBook with its own ARM processor is not actually known. But in the rumor mill, the idea of ​​a MacBook with ARM processor has recently been in the lead.

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