Navitel R600 is a robust, easy to set and used DVR car video camera. Although, as a price, it is not an entry-level product (270-400 ROL in online stores), the R600 incorporates the basic functions for such a device. The tested model does not benefit from more advanced features such as exposure time adjustment, Wi-Fi or GPS connection.


This is the most compact car DVR model we have tested. The device uses a 12MP Sony 323 sensor, full HD movie (1,080p / 30 fps), wide viewing angle (170 degrees) and a 2 inch diagonal LCD screen, which can be used next to setting up) to run recorded videos or view camera images

The first thing you need to do after removing the camera from the box is to insert a memory card into it. I used a Kingston 64GB model, but the device supports models with a maximum capacity of 256 GB, which is a strong point for the R600. On a 64GB card, you can shoot about 10 hours in Full HD quality

Attaching the camera to the windscreen holder is simple and sliding. The device is powered by a windscreen support equipped with a mini-USB port (the one on the camera is used for data transfer).

I did not like the fact that the support is not based on the suction cup, but on the adhesive. So, you have to make sure you get the first position for the room. If you do not do this, you will find it difficult to loosen the support based on the 3M adhesive surface (fortunately, a box is also available in the box). I do not know how this gripping system will behave in summer, in hot weather. But taking into account that 3M is a renowned adhesive company, I expect it to be no problem.

Once the camera is placed in the holder, it can be locked there by means of a button. However, it is firmly caught and no activation is required.

Loading is via a long cable that connects to the machine socket. Although I appreciate the length of the cable that allows you to pull it alongside the side pillar of the windshield and after the sun visor, I do not know why it did not include Navitel and a USB port in the socket connector. Those who have only one lighter in the car can no longer charge a second device while using the camera. I used a car charger with two USB outputs, one for the phone and another for the camera. Still, I had to get a second mini-USB cable because the one in the box is too short. Finding a mini-USB cable is not an easy thing when almost all modern devices have switched to micro-USB and USB Type-C. I would have preferred Navitel to include at least one micro-USB port on the camera

For the rest, the Navitel R600 has four physical buttons on the left (Menu, Ok / Record - to validate setting options and start / stop recording - and two to navigate up and down Also, at the bottom we find a Power button and the memory card slot, the mini-USB port on the right side

Main technical features:

Processor NOVATEK NT96650

Sensor: Sony 323, 12 MP

Viewing Angle: 170 degrees

Video: 1.080p / 30 fps, format MOV

Images: 12 MP, JPG format

Battery: 180 mAh

Card: microSD, maximum capacity of 256 GB

USB: 2.0, mini-USB format

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