Neighborhood Watch with Amazon Ring Doorbell

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Amazon completed the acquisition of the startup ring in April. A billion dollars has the retailer to taste the smart doorbell. Not without ulterior motive. Because Amazon plans to grant delivery to the entrance to your home. Of course, only with your permission and if you also own a suitable surveillance camera your own.

Notifications from the neighborhood

Users who use ring as a smart doorbell can use the built-in app on the integrated Cameras of other ring owners fall back. Of course not in full, but certainly on the moving image data.

The idea is this: Person X gets a notification. Because the camera in ring has detected a movement. X marks the person in front of his own door either as a burglar, suspect, stranger, etc. Other users in the area, who also have a ring camera, are informed about the events. The feature is intended to provide more security.

Does Neighbor’s Make the Neighborhood Safer?

You will admit that we deal with strangers in very different ways. If you meet a person on the street and classify them as “not so bad”, a notification from the ring network in the Neighbors app could unsettle you anyway. Because even if you do not know the owners of the other doorbells. They trust their opinion because they bought the product for “more security”. Their subjective opinion about Ring then obscures the skepticism of third-party users’ estimation of third-party users.

But exactly at this point, if I may say so, there is no need for more certainty. Because then you may be unnecessarily worried about someone walking around in the neighborhood who is “not friendly”.

At that point, I did not discuss the issues of privacy and data protection. Because maybe you’ve even looked out of joke on strange bell signs, in the hope you would discover a funny name. Or simply because the sidewalk in front of a property virtually does not allow it otherwise. When someone evaluates your spontaneous gaze as spying, your likeness wanders through the neighborhood; So far, the Neighbors app is only available in the US.

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