Netflix 1080p, Enhanced Google Search and Taskade: New Browser Extensions for Mac Users

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Thomas Raukamp

“Plug-in developers are increasingly neglecting Safari – wrongly! Which extension for the Apple web browser you do not want to do without? Write us your favorites! ”

Netflix 1080p

It’s a strange thing: the playback quality of Netflix varies depending on the web browser and operating system used. According to its own video streaming service, Chrome, Firefox and Opera films and TV shows only in a resolution of 720p and thus in 1280 times 720 pixels – and thus remain far below the capabilities of modern Macs. Grotesquely, Chrome ships under Google’s Chrome OS operating system at least 1080p. Even Apple’s in-house browser Safari manages on the Mac on 1920 times 1080 pixels in 16: 9 format. It looks even better on Windows: Microsoft’s current web browser Edge presents videos in the finest 4K resolution.

If you prefer to use Chrome or Firefox instead of Safari on the Mac, the resolution can fortunately help with the extension Netflix 1080p. The name is quite program: The add-on ensures that Netflix in both browsers with 1080p “sends” – after all, something! Configurations are not necessary: ​​simply load Netflix and get started is the motto!

On small screens the difference may seem less than hoped. For those who want to test the resulting resolution, Netflix personally provides some test videos.

Availability : Chrome, Firefox

Google Search View Image Button

Since Google has probably climbed some photographers and agencies on the roof: The search engine image search has lost the “View Picture” button, which represented photos regardless of the underlying website. If you miss them, just bring them back with a clever browser extension. There are some, “Google Search View Image Button” works safe and reliable.

Here it is again: The “View Image” button in Google Image Search.

Availability : Chrome, Firefox and Safari


The market of task management is already jam-packed. Nevertheless, the new addition Taskade worth a look: Once installed, it opens its to-dos when opening a new browser tab.

The range of functions of the English-language range has so far been limited to the essentials. For freelancers and small teams, the clear offer could already be enough. In addition, desktop apps for Mac and Windows are already available, and mobile versions for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices are expected to follow.

Taskade manages to-do lists, including sub-tasks, in the tab of the web browser.

Availability : Chrome, Firefox

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