Netflix anywhere for European citizens. New EU rules on online services introduced

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The MFA announces the introduction of new EU rules that guarantee European citizens buying or subscribing to online digital services such as the distribution of films, sports events, etc., have access to them and when they are traveling or living in other Member States temporarily.

Deputy Minister for European Affairs Victor Negrescu welcomes the entry into force of the rules on the cross-border portability of online content services within the European Union and stresses that they "open new possibilities" for EU citizens, a Foreign Ministry (MFA) ), remised, on Monday, Mediafax.

"This regulation opens up new possibilities for citizens and, at the same time, protects content creators. We welcome the introduction of this measure, which increases the potential of the European single digital market and ensures the necessary mobility for the subscribers. For example, from now on, all Romanians who are subscribed to the online platforms of Romanian televisions will be able to watch the content they offer even if they leave for a short period of time abroad. Also, tourists or Romanians in the diaspora coming to Romania will be able to benefit from the online platforms they were already subscribed to, "explained Deputy Minister for European Affairs Victor Negrescu, who contributed as rapporteur of the S & D Group at the implementation of this measure in the period in which he acts as a Member of the European Parliament

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In December 2015, the European Commission proposed a regulation to extend the access of people traveling to the European Union to online content. This was the first legislative proposal in the Digital Single Market Strategy, which was complemented in September 2016 by the adoption of modern copyright rules to enhance cultural diversity in Europe and online content, offering the same time, clearer rules for all actors in the online environment

These regulations will benefit, on the one hand, EU citizens who will have cross-border access to their subscriptions and, on the other hand, the providers of these services who will be able to ensure their portability without having to buy different licenses for each state. There are no time limits for the use of portability, and online content providers are not allowed to charge additional costs for portable cross-border services. The regulation is mandatory for paid services. Free content providers may decide to participate to benefit from the new rules but are not required to do so.

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