The TED conference in Vancouver is packed with interesting speakers, including Netflix boss Re ed Hastings. As Wired reports, he talked, among other things, about the company philosophy in his company and the freedoms that employees would receive there. So, for example, this could always take off as long as they needed it.

Much more decisive, however, is the information policy, where it differs significantly from other companies. Hastings even sees Netflix as an anti-Apple. Only a few days ago, the iPhone group reminded all employees in an internal memo of the strict secrecy that applies there. For Netflix, there are no secrets. Each employee receives all information and should and should contribute to all decision-making processes. Reed Hastings also relates that he had pursued another system in his first company: "We tried to develop an idiot-proof system, unfortunately, then only idiots wanted to work for us."

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Also talked about the future of Netflix and the competition Hastings. It is planned to invest around 8 billion US dollars and thus produce around half of the content itself in the future. "I love the contest, I love to fight against Disney and HBO."

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