Netflix Integrates Preview Mode in Portrait Format

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A smartphone will be the m time kept upright. The operating system is designed for this and most apps are displayed like this. Things are different with videos. Here, the smartphone usually has to be rotated in order to exploit as much of the display as possible. Most of the series and feature films are now shot in 16: 9 format.

As Variety reports, Netflix plans to abandon this rule for its iOS app soon. Starting in April, it should be possible to view a thirty-second video upright via a tab in the main menu. As with an Instagram story, more videos can be called by a swipe to the right. If you like a series or a movie, you can start playback directly from the preview or add it to your own list. At the start, 75 of these videos will be available.

Netflix responds to a growing number of mobile users with the new feature. Around 20 of the video accesses are already taking place via mobile devices. Many use the app but also easy to quickly find out about the current offer and news. The preview function should provide a new and convenient way to do it.

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