Netflix integrates the concept of "Stories" into the mobile app for trailer display


The concept of Stories, pioneered by Snapchat and then copied by Facebook in all of its services, is the feature we seem to see most often in all applications in 2018. While Google is trying to persuade publishers to create special content for searches in Stories format, Netflix is ​​committed to providing movie trailers and serials in this format. The mobile app will soon receive this feature as "previews," a series of short trailers that will be displayed above the normal content stream

Netflix Previews do not deviate a lot from the concept of original stories. The service will deliver vertical video clips of up to 30 seconds in the form of trailers for new movies and series, or content that may be relevant to each individual user. These will run in sequence, and each will have a shortcut to the dedicated movie and serial page so you can start playback immediately. There are also buttons to add to the favorites list

Previews on mobile will have a dedicated line, each clip being framed in a circle to differentiate from the rectangles we've got used to movies and serials. At any time, each user may have up to 75 previews selected by the Netflix algorithm, which can be played in sequence automatically, a simple swipe being enough to switch to the next clip. For the April launch of this feature, Netflix claims it will have prepared hundreds of previews, both "originals" and licensed content that belongs to partners

The "previews" concept is not new to the Netflix service, which is available in the smart TV app for about two years. But it is different for mobile platforms. On TVs, Netflix automatically starts playing when the app is started for a new show or movie after the end of a movie, or if the user licks more than a few seconds on a movie icon

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