Netflix tests more expensive subscriptions by limiting existing subscription capabilities

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Netflix is ​​a service highly appreciated by its users, delivering original quality content every month, as well as access to an ever-expanding collection of licensed movies and series. The image quality displayed on Netflix is ​​a very important topic for the company, one of the first to offer both 4K and 4K movies as well as among the few that offer HDR content or Dolby Atmos audio playback. The latter could soon be moved on a more expensive subscription.

At this time there are three versions of Netflix subscriptions. We have "Basic," the standard one-stop playback on Standard Edition on a single 8-euro "Standard" that delivers Full HD playback on two screens at the same time at 10 euros and "Premium Ultra HD" playback on 4 simultaneous screens and Full HD and Ultra HD (4K) resolution with HDR where applicable at 12 euro

However, the company is testing in some regions the possibility of separating the Premium subscription from HDR playback by entering "Ultra". Practically, the Premium subscription remains unchanged, but it does not have access to HDR playback, while Ultra becomes what is currently called Premium, but at a higher price. In addition to subscribing "Basic", all subscriptions will go up in price.

Those who already have access to this service offer, such as German users, report that the Standard subscription could go up to 11 euros per month, the Premium subscription at 14 euros per month (2 euro extra and no HDR), while the subscription Ultra could cost 17 euros. Basically, those who want to retain all the features they already had in their old "Premium" subscription will have to take out of their pocket 5 extra pounds per month, while users who want to continue enjoying 4K rendering or use the service on 4 simultaneous screens will have to give up 2 extra euros

There are also some affected users who say that the premium subscription was even worse for them, with the number of screens being limited to 4 to 2.

Netflix has confirmed these changes, but it is just a test period to see how much users are willing to pay for their services. A price hike in some price-sensitive regions and still puzzled by piracy like Romania could have a negative effect on the popularity of the service, especially if more expensive subscriptions do not offer anything extra.

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