NetFlix's adds new features to test internet connections

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                                                                        , the internet connection speed test service developed by Netflix, now has access to several advanced new features. In the past, it only provided access to download speed testing, but now comes with a upload test as well as information about the latency that Netflix connects to. The new test is so useful to test both the streaming video performance and a general internet connection test. should test to worry now that gets many advanced testing features. While Speedtest uses partner servers, benefits from Netflix servers, which are positioned all over the world and allow multiple connections as they are designed to support streaming video data traffic.

Using the test can also be a simpler way to check if the telecom operator limits video streaming speeds. Some companies allow video streaming over the internet only up to some resolutions or bitrates.

The new advanced tests come with settings such as changing the number of simultaneous connections and the duration of the test, something Speedtest does not offer. Also, these parameters can be saved locally so you can repeat the test with the same settings later, for example in the morning, when the network is more free, and then the evening when it is more crowded

You can test your connections using Netflix service by accessing the link

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