Neuralink, a company founded by Elon Musk, would have already tested the brain-computer interface on animals

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According to a document, Neuralink owned by Elon Musk would have begun testing the animal brain-computer interface. Devices developed by the company are designed to give people advanced brain capabilities. Musk argues that they will help people keep up with future artificial intelligence systems.

So far, it is not known where, how or whether they were started because Neuralink refuses to comment on these statements.

According to Mail Online, the company's plans were published by a Neuralink employee. Unlike other companies such as Tesla, SpaceX or Hyperloop, Musk does not talk about Neuralink so often

Some people suspect that it avoids these discussions because of the animal tests that are required to make the device sellable. All that we know so far about this company comes from public statements and some rumors said by some employees from within.

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