New Apple Watch Pride Band Available Now


As part of the watchOS-5 concept, a new Pride watchstrap for The Apple Watch, which will be available now, the manufacturer said.

In addition to the new watch strap, Apple has confirmed the availability of a new Pride dial. We reported on this dial last week and Apple has today confirmed that it is still officially activated in the current watchOS. Anyone who manually presented the date of the clock to today's date could have admired it before.

The new Apple Watch Pride Band is white and has a similar design to the new Pride dial. Apple has announced that the new volume and dial will be coming to celebrate the Pride Month.

Apple introduced Pride Band last year and sold it for a limited time. Currently it is unclear whether this year's band will also be a time limited offer.

The watch strap is available for both the 38mm Apple Watch and the 42mm model and is sold in Germany for $ 59.

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